Saturday, June 2, 2012


Such a sweet, loving couple were Charlie and Ann.
They were always in church Sunday morn,
in the very same pew when the service began,
where they'd sat since before I was born.

Just to see them together was always a joy,
for whether they'd sit or they'd stand,
they were just like teenagers, a girl and a boy
who were worshiping God hand in hand.

How distressed we all were when Ann suddenly died,
and was buried one cold Saturday.
Even so, Charlie sat without Ann by his side
in their pew on the very next day.

"I'm so glad that you came today, Charlie," said I.
"What a witness you have been to me!"                                
Charlie smiled and then said, with a tear in his eye,
        "On a Sunday where else would I be?"

From Enough, Already! and other Church Rhymes
by Richard Stoll Armstrong

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