Sunday, June 3, 2012


Have you noticed how some ushers show
the people to their pews?
They go sailing down the aisle without
permitting folks to choose
where they might for some good reason have
a preference to sit.
It is obvious some people don't
appreciate one bit
being taken to a front pew when
they much prefer the rear.
It can ruin their experience
of worshiping, I fear.
It would seem that common courtesy
demands that ushers ask
where people want to sit.  Is that
too difficult a task?
It can sometimes be amusing and
embarrassing to boot,
when an usher loses contact with
the ushered one en route.
I once saw an eager usher turn
and gesture with a flare,
and discover that the person he
was seating wasn't there!

From Enough, Already! and other Church Rhymes

by Richard Stoll Armstrong


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