Tuesday, June 5, 2012


        There's a difference between objective criticism, which is factual and fair, and partisan opposition, which ignores or distorts the facts and is bigoted and biased. We need to be aware of that distinction, as we listen to people's political comments, including those of news commentators and political analysts.
Joe Scarborough of MSNBC 
        Joe Scarborough and Rush Limbaugh, for example, are both Republicans, but there's a huge difference in the way they express their views. It is not difficult to tell which one is factual and fair and which one is biased and bigoted.                                    
Talk Radio Host Rush Limbaugh 
        The sad truth is that Rush Limbaugh and his ilk attract like-minded audiences, whose own prejudices are reinforced and inflamed by their slanted rhetoric. They are either unable or unwilling to try to separate fact from falsehood, and their lack of discernment is of great concern to fair-minded folks, who want politicians and their supporters to tell the truth.

         Some degree of hyperbole is to be expected from political candidates, especially in regard to their campaign promises. But we voters have a right to expect the candidates to tell the truth, and not deliberately to misrepresent the facts. They need to be held accountable for their words.
Gov. Mitt Romney
        The way Governor Romney misrepresents President Obama's record, impugns his motives, and ignores, denies, or, as in the case of the auto industry's remarkable turn-around, even takes credit for Mr. Obama's accomplishments is inexcusable. I look forward to the debates, when Mr. Obama will have a chance to make his Etch-a-Sketch opponent eat his words.                                                          
President Barack Obama
        The contrast between the two candidates ---their character, their style, their political values, their factual accuracy, their specific programs, their economic vision for America, their ideas on foreign policy and on taxation, their views about women's rights, workers' rights, voters' rights, health care, public education, immigration, and all the other issues that are dividing our nation--- should be abundantly clear to those who watch the debates with an open mind.
        I hope there are many such people still "out there," because they will be the ones who decide this presidential election.

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