Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Give me a friend, O God ---
not one who makes me feel I'm right, whenever I am wrong,
confirms me in my prejudice and pushes me along
the always easy pathways of my self-deceiving sin,
where good intentions quickly die and conscience soon wears thin.  

I need a friend, O God ---
not one who flatters me with praise I know I don't deserve,
or when I need to hear the truth, declines for lack of nerve,
and tells me just what others think is music to my ears,
condoning or excusing all my failures, faults, and fears.

I want a friend, O God ---
whose love for me demands I take the higher, harder way
and calls me to confess my guilt, whatever price I pay.
Far better that I choose to live with honor in defeat,
than bask in fame and glory gained by falsehood and deceit.

I have a friend, O God ---
who wants my best, inspires my best, accepts no less from me,
who sets me an example I can follow earnestly,
expecting me to stand for truth and goodness, come what may,
and judging me by what I do and not just what I say.
You are that friend, O God ---
a friend whose love is life itself, whose truth has set me free,
who sees not only what I am but what I long to be,
who knows my every weakness yet forgives the wrongs I've
Such friendship is for all to share, through Jesus Christ, your


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