Friday, June 1, 2012


        This link will take you to an article that is disturbing to me. It seems like a local news item of relatively minor significance, but to me it is another example of the alarming war that is being waged on our environment.

        Up-State New Yorkers have been fighting hard to protect their environment against the dangers of hydrofracking. Local communities throughout that hard-pressed region have been contributing their hard-earned dollars to take on the big oil companies and their corporate millions. The New Yorkers' cause is of concern to our entire nation, which needs to understand that their appeal is not for the regulation but for the abolishment of fracking altogether.
        If you have any doubts about the dangers of his wantonly destructive process, I urge you to do some personal research on the matter. Read what the environmental scientists have to say on the subject. I highly recommend Dr. Sandra Steingraber's writings on the subject, which detail the results of her scientific research on the polluting of our environment.
        Dr. Steingraber, a cancer survivor, received the $100,000 Heinz Foundation Award for her latest book, Raising Elijah. The award was established by Teresa Heinz in memory of her husband Pennsylvania Senator H. John Heinz III, to recognize persons for their outstanding contributions in several important areas, including the environment.You should know that Dr. Steingraber has used her prize money to launch a State-wide coalition known as New Yorkers Against Fracking. Check out her web site:
        And now, Ohioans, it's your turn!

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