Thursday, June 21, 2012


         The Republican are having a difficult time trying to find ways to criticize the President's temporary ban on the deportation of illegal young people who are in this country through no fault of their own.
         They say "If he wanted to do something about those young people, why didn't he do it earlier?" How hypocritically convenient of Senator Rubio and others to ignore the fact that it was the Republicans who prevented the passage of the Dream Act that would have made the President's move unnecessary!
          Mitt Romney's awkward dodging of Bob Schieffer's direct questions on "Face the Nation" was typical of the Republican candidate. When asked if he would repeal the ban, Mr. Self-Deportation would not commit himself.
          But then again, does he ever? Only when it comes to criticizing the President!Yet he has the audacity to say "People know where I stand, unlike this President who doesn't tell us what his plans are."  Really!
          There's that karlrovian tactic again! Accuse your opponent of your own weakness!

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