Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Nov. 22, 1946, the post WWII Nassoons make their debut in
Alexander Hall. Music Dir. Don Finnie gets the pitch for the
next song.
        If you read my earlier post and watched the video, you saw that Princeton University's premier men's a cappella singing group, the Nassoons, have made a most entertaining production of The Tigertown Blues, which has been one of their signature songs since it was introduced way back in the fall of 1946.
        While sticking with my original harmonization and basic arrangement, the Nassoons over the years have added some clever choreography and varied the original blues tempo. I was most impressed by the presentation of the current Nassoons, a link to which was included in the previous post.
        For an interesting and I hope enjoyable contrast, you might like to hear the original version, as sung by the reorganized post-WWII Nassoons in the album they recorded in the spring of 1947. I don't know whether or not this is going to work, but I'm hoping if you click on The Tigertown Blues below you will be able to listen to the song, as it was sung sixty-six years ago! I first made a cassette tape from the old vinyl record, then last night was able to re-record that copy on to a disk, which in turn was copied into my storage cloud, Sugarsync.
        After listening again to the way I sounded doing the solo way back then, I wasn't sure I wanted to go public with this, but my wife Margie and sons Andy and Woody insisted, so here goes. Now let's hope it works! The link will take you to my storage cloud, Sugarsync, which will say "Richard S. has sent you a file." Right under that you will see "91 Track 1.wma." If you click on that, you should then be able to play The Tigertown Blues
        I hope you enjoy this brief musical relic from my college years. (If it doesn't work, we'll try something else.)

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