Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Photo by David Ryan, Boston Globe/Getty
        Our hearts go out to the victims of yesterday’s bombings in Boston and to their families and friends, and to the entire city of Boston. It is most impressive and reassuring to see the cooperation of the various local, state, and national law enforcement agencies, the fire departments and emergency rescue personnel, the hospitals, and the community at large in dealing with this latest act of violence on American soil.
        Along with our sympathy this latest disaster evokes many other emotions, including my growing concern about the escalation of violence in America. While I agree with Senator Marco Rubio that their needs to be a national discussion about the causes of violence and what to do about it, I disagree completely with his view that such a discussion should supersede the current debate on gun control.
        On the contrary, gun violence is a huge part of the problem of violence in general. It is a manifestation of our society’s inclination toward violence as well as the most glaring and prevalent example of our society’s violent behavior.  It is utterly deplorable that the House Republicans and some Democrats are still resisting any effort to enact sensible gun legislation.
         Shame on them! Shame on Congress for failing to act, even to pass a watered-down version of the legislation that the vast majority of Americans favor!
         On the basis of his previous public pronouncements I wouldn’t put it past NRA executive director Wayne Lapierre to advocate that from now on all marathon runners and spectators should carry guns, in fact all athletes and spectators at all sporting events, and people attending conventions or any large gatherings, including church services, and ultimately everybody in the USA, should be armed at all times!
Am I being too cynical? Probably, but with respect to violence in America Pierre and his ilk are in my view part of the problem not the solution.

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