Wednesday, May 1, 2013


        I have decided to expand MINDING WHAT MATTERS by inviting a number of special persons with expertise in various disciplines or who are keen observers and analysts of life here on Planet Earth to participate as occasional contributors.
        One of the first persons I immediately thought of was my friend Bob Golon, whose book NO MINOR ACHIEVEMENT is not only a fascinating history of minor league baseball in New Jersey but an intriguing example of how baseball reflects and is interwoven with the history and growth of America. I heartily recommend it. 
        I was delighted when Bob readily accepted my invitation, and amazed at how quickly he responded with his first article, in which he reveals his own interesting background and why he is excited to become part our Blog team. Welcome aboard, Bob! I look forward to your future contributions! 
        And here, dear MWM readers, is his introductory article.

What a Pleasant Surprise!
By Bob Golon

        Sometimes the most pleasant of surprises comes totally unexpected, as was the case when I received a phone call from Dick Armstrong inviting me to join “Minding What Matters” as an occasional contributor. I enthusiastically accepted!
        By way of introduction, let me say that Dick and I have three very major things in common: 1) our intense love for baseball, 2) we were both “career changers,” and 3) an affiliation with Princeton Theological Seminary. Yet, our paths only crossed for the first time within the past three years. Let me describe the road I have followed here, which is much different than Dick’s.
        After the typical years of growing up, doing military service, marrying my wonderful wife Jill and establishing our family, I took on a business career for a major technology firm. That job paid the bills, bought the house, and took care of the kid’s college. But, there was always something missing.
        I found it in my pursuit of knowledge for the game of baseball. It led me to the publication of articles, speaking engagements at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, an appearance on a “Yankeeography” TV program, and it culminated in the publication of my book No Minor Accomplishment: The Revival of New Jersey Professional Baseball in March 2008. 
        Along the way, my company gave me an early retirement and I gravitated to library and archival work, which is how I landed at the Princeton Theological Seminary Library in early 2009.
When Dick’s book, A Sense of Being Called, came out in 2011, I read it immediately, and was astounded and touched by such a wonderful story of the intersection of baseball and faith. We met, talked baseball, and even though Dick roots for the Baltimore Orioles and I root for that team in the Bronx, we are indeed baseball and Princeton Seminary buddies!
        I’ll be providing occasional articles, not only about baseball but about other sports as well. I tend to focus on the societal aspect of sports, even though I’m not averse to writing about outstanding performances, even if they are not by my favorite teams.
        So, I’m pleasantly surprised to be here, and I hope to provide to you readers with the same high level of enjoyment that Dick provides through his work. 
        See you soon!


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