Saturday, July 7, 2012


Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

         Yesterday’s report of the lower than expected number of jobs created in June and the continued 8.2% unemployment rate was good news for nobody except Mitt Romney and his Republican allies. Governor Romney wasted no time in using the latest government figures to blast President Obama, blaming him for the problem and accusing him of having no plan for creating jobs.
         That’s another one of the Republican candidate’s deliberate falsehoods. The President has a plan, Mr. Romney, and you know it. It’s called the American Jobs Act, the passage of which has been delayed by your Republican friends in the Senate!
         The American Jobs Act is much more specific than your vague generalities and platitudes. How dishonest of you to accuse the President of having no plan, when he has proposed an actual piece of legislation that would create nearly two million jobs in the first year!
         How? By providing aid that would enable States to rehire public sector employees, by increasing infrastructure spending, by cutting payroll taxes for small businesses, and in many other ways.
         When will you stop lying to the American people, Mr. Romney?

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