Wednesday, July 4, 2012


"Conservative" and "liberal" are labels I abhor.
         The way they're used today they have no meaning any more.
I hate it when somebody pins a tag like that on me.
         For labels put you in a slot you do not want to be.
Whatever people want to call themselves, they should feel free,
         but not too many folks I know do so consistently
on social issues, politics, religion, war and peace,
         the Bible, life-style, language, drugs ---the issues never  cease.
One may be quite conservative in some things, not in all.
         To pin that label on someone, then, takes "a lot of gall"!
I wish some self-named liberals would give more liberally.
         I wish some staunch conservatives would live more morally.      
More liberal in spirit is what we should strive to be.
         In life-style more conservative, on that can we agree?
So when we use those labels let us be much more select,
         for neither label is a proof that one's of the elect!

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