Sunday, July 8, 2012


Why do things always happen just when I don't want them to?
Why do I always do the thing I didn't want to do?
Why do the good things always stop before I've had my turn?
Why am I always tested on the part I didn't learn?
Why am I always overheard the times my tongue has slipped?
Why is it people always spot the numbers I have skipped?
Why is it I can't get away with risks that others take?
Why am I always caught for the one error that I make?
Why do I have the feeling Fate must have it in for me?
I am the victim of a law:  it's called "perversity."

It's easy for most anyone at times to feel this way.
St. Paul himself was wrestling with this problem in his day.
"I do not do the good I want," confessed Paul honestly.
"The evil that I do not want is what I do ---poor me!"
And then he asked "Who'll rescue me from such a wretched state?
Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!" ---our advocate!
There is the answer to the problem of perversity.
By grace through faith in Jesus Christ we're "superstition-free"!


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