Tuesday, July 10, 2012


       Who can unite the Republican Party? Not Mitt Romney! The gulf between the Tea Party and the “Old Guard” remains, and Mr. Romney, despite his chameleon-like style,  has not shown himself to be a unifier.
         Who speaks for the Republican Party? Not Mitt Romney! The Old Guard’s displeasure with his initial reaction to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act proved that, forcing the Governor to do one of his classic back flips.
         Who is leading the Republican Party? Not Mitt Romney. He is too much of a flip flopper even for many Republicans. Too many of his own Party don’t like him or trust him. Ron Paul and his supporters are proof of that!
Congressman Ron Paul
         If Dr. Paul should win the majority of bound national delegates at the Nebraska State convention on July 14, he will have won five States, enough to be placed  in nomination and privileged to address the delegates at the Republican National Convention. He may not have much of chance of winning the nomination, but who knows what will happen?
         It should be interesting!

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