Friday, July 13, 2012



        I was shocked by the misinformation I heard from the lips of a good friend just recently. Having bought into the Republican propaganda about the evils of Obamacare, my friend was expressing his strong opposition to the Affordable Care Act. When I mentioned some of the specific benefits of the Act and asked if he opposed these provisions, he reluctantly conceded that “some aspects of the law are okay.”
         And when I asked why it isn’t better for all Americans to take advantage of the many good features of the law, with Congress continuing to work out the kinks and to make improvements which any such massive legislation demands, rather than repeal the Act, as the House Republicans have tried thirty-three times to do, my friend had no reply. How could he, when there is no logical reason to choose the latter alternative? I reminded him that President Obama has repeatedly said he will welcome any constructive suggestions for improving the legislation.
         But that doesn’t stop the House Republicans from spending some eighty hours of their valuable legislative time at a cost of nearly fifty million taxpayer dollars, repeating their fruitless efforts to repeal the law! What is even more reprehensible is that they have nothing with which to replace it. Congress would have to start all over.  Perish the thought!
         As people are becoming more aware of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, the polls are reflecting its growing popularity. It is becoming harder for Republicans to peddle their anti-Obamacare propaganda. Their misrepresentations may well backfire on them in November.
         In the meantime, I encourage my readers to go on-line and read for yourselves the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, and urge your friends to do the same. I am confident that any doubts you are now harboring about the Act  will be quickly dispelled. And I think you will agree with me that most ordinary people who say they oppose the law are speaking out of ignorance. Tell them to read the facts for themselves.


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