Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
       The Koch brothers like Scott Walker. That should tell us something!
        Wisconsin voters who were bitterly opposed to Governor Walker’s denying State employees the right to bargain and slashing other benefits, to his drastic cuts to the state’s public education budget while giving tax breaks to the wealthy, to his opposition to a minimum wage hike, to his voter restriction measures, to his denial of a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, to his defunding of planned parenthood, and his other ultra-conservative policies, forced a recall election.
        But with huge financial backing from the Koch Foundation PAC and the shenanigans of the Wisconsin chapter of Americans For Prosperity (AFP), Walker managed to survive the recall and go on to win reelection, much to the amazement and disgust of many outside observers. What is wrong with the people of Wisconsin?, they wondered. Can’t they see it? Don’t they get it? Obviously they didn’t, even when the Koch-founded-and-funded AFP sent out faulty absentee ballots to Wisconsin’s voters. The ballots indicated the deadline was August 11, when the election was to be held on August 9!
       And now here he is at it again, embroiled in another heated controversy, as he attempts to cut state funding to the University of Wisconsin, one of the nation’s great state universities. This is the man who recently refused to respond when asked if he believes in evolution.
        Yet Scott Walker is arrogant enough to think he is qualified to be President of the United States. And the Koch brothers like him! That’s understandable, but that the main stream media should be speculating on whether he could be the acceptable compromise GOP candidate is mystifying if not frightening.
        Political Science Professor Jason McDaniel of San Francisco State University did a study recently showing that Walker, if nominated, would be the most conservative candidate in 50 years! He is as conservative in his rhetoric as any other potential right wing nominee, like “Tea Party Ted” Cruz, but what is worse, Walker has actually been there and done that in Wisconsin.
        Surely the Republicans can come up with a more acceptable nominee than Wisconsin’s Scott Walker!
        Or can they?

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