Friday, February 20, 2015


No apology from Giuliani (photo by Rob Kim Getty Images) 
        Loud catcalls to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for the totally inappropriate, blatantly false, and shamefully disrespectful remarks he made about President Obama at a fundraiser for Scott Walker on Wednesday. “I do not believe the President loves America,” said Giuliani. “He doesn’t love you, and he doesn’t love me.” When questioned about his remarks, the outspoken ex-mayor made matters worse in an interview on Fox News, and he has refused to retract or apologize for what he said.
        More catcalls to Governor Walker for not disassociating himself from Giuliani’s comments, when asked how he felt about them, in an interview Thursday morning on CNBC. Instead he “punted” again, saying, “I’m in New York. I’m used to people saying things that are aggressive out there.” Answer the question, Mr. Walker. Do you agree or disagree with Mr. Giuliani?
        Catcalls to all the racist Obama haters who are constantly saying these kinds of things about the President of the United States. They have every right to disagree with him on any issue, but it is egregiously unfair and completely inexcusable to question the President’s patriotism. If their comments were not so reprehensible they could be ignored as utterly ludicrous. Barack Obama embodies the American Dream, and for that he has expressed his immense gratitude over and over again.
        If he acknowledges America’s sins, more power to him. He would be dishonest if he didn’t. But his words, his life, his record all refute any charge of disloyalty to the nation he serves.  Ask the people who work with him and know him best. Ask Joe Biden, if you’re willing to risk being put sharply in your place.
        Do the President’s detractors think they love America more than he does?  I much prefer Mr. Obama’s form of patriotism to that of his bigoted, bellicose, right-wing, hate-mongering critics.
        The real patriots are not the flag-waving zealots who shout “We’re Number One!” while denying others their rights. The real patriots are those who recognize America’s faults and who, out of love for their country, are doing their best to correct them, so that all Americans can share in the American dream.
        I love America, but I am quick to confess that I don’t like all Americans, especially those who verbally attack our President, impugn his motives, question his intentions, misconstrue his meanings, and misrepresent his words. How do they reconcile their behavior with their own self-professed patriotism?
        And when I hear his opponents criticize something the President  has said, I can’t believe they were listening to the same speech or press conference that I was. Of all the Presidents who have served our nation in my life-time, never has one of them ever had to endure the kind of disrespect and personal abuse that our current President has had to endure. I admire him greatly for never responding in kind.
        Barack Obama’s unflappable and even-tempered demeanor in the face of these verbal attacks are one of his commendable attributes. Kudos to our president for not stooping to the level of his critics!

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  1. Rudy Guiliani reminds me of a little old gossipy man pointing at his young, successful counterpart and taking the only cheap, indefensible shot he can....let him stand in the circle of his nasty cronies and whine....who cares!!