Monday, August 6, 2012


For many years I've asked around
about church music, and I've found
that plain folks don't appreciate
songs some musicians think are great.
Why don`t more church soloists choose
their music for those in the pews?
The kind of solo folks desire,
is one intended to inspire,
a song that makes their spirits rise,
not just some vocal exercise.
They don't want soloists to wail
like someone practicing a scale.
Nor do they want solos that sound
like some poor howling Basset hound.
A melody that moves the heart
will stay with them, when they depart.
So many people wonder why
church music has to be so dry.
Musicians (that is, some, not all)
believe it is their special call
to raise their congregation's taste
for "better" music.  They don't waste
their time on sentimental tripe.
What do they care if people gripe?

(from Enough, Already!)

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