Sunday, August 19, 2012


In everything God works for good with those who seek God's will.
          I learned that lesson long ago, and I believe it still.
For many years I tried to name this holy attribute.
          I searched for words that might express my thoughts, but none would suit.
God's mercy, power, grace, compassion, wisdom, truth, or love?
          The concept I was searching for was none of the above.
It had to do with all of them and yet was something more.
          I wondered why it had not been identified before.
At last I hit upon a term which says it all for me.
          It has to do with what I call God's "flexibility."
What if two Christians, both sincere, pray for opposing things?
          How can the God they pray to grant the prayer that each one brings?
What if two enemies at war both thinking their cause just,
          should pray to God for victory in equal faith and trust?
What if while golfers pray for sun, the farmers pray for rain?
          How God could meet the needs of both was once hard to explain,
but now I know this problem was not God's at all but mine.
          If God is God there is no way we can God's will confine.
For God can work within a billion lives at once for good.
          God's  infinitely flexible!  If that is understood,
then one can see how things can work according to God's will,
          yet every human being's free to choose for good or ill.
The unbelieving world can't comprehend this truth at all.
          "We know that all things work for good" ---we who believe, said Paul.
So God can work in everything in such a wondrous way
          that everyone will know through faith God honors what we pray.
In suffering and sorrow, yes, and even in our sin,
          our God can work for good with those who seek God's will therein.
What greater confirmation can there be for what I've said
          than what God did for us in raising Jesus from the dead?
For sin nailed Jesus to the cross, and yet through faith we see
          that out of that defeat God brought eternal victory.

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