Saturday, August 11, 2012


          In an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd on Thursday Mitt Romney said he wanted an agreement with the Obama campaign to talk about issues and to stop “attacks based upon business, or family, or taxes, or things of that nature,” which the Republican candidate feels are just a diversion.
          What an amazing suggestion coming from a man who has based his presidential aspirations on his business experience! Indeed, he claims to be more qualified to be President of the United States than the man who has held the office for three and a half years. If that’s his claim, it is hardly a diversion to examine his credentials.
          And since when is tax policy not an issue? It’s a key issue in this election, and because it is, it is hardly a diversion to question the personal practices of the person who has so much to say about it, though unlike every other presidential candidate he refuses to reveal his own tax returns, even at the urging of his own supporters.
          With his off-shore accounts and excessive use of tax loopholes Romney exemplifies the unfair advantages of the wealthy, whom he wants to protect from paying their fair share of taxes. That is not only an issue, it is a major distinction between the two political parties.
          Furthermore, if Mr. Romney wants to stop the speculation about his income taxes, why doesn’t he reveal his returns, as even many Republicans think he should do? What is he hiding?
          It is ironic that the presumptive candidate, who refuses to give specific answers to specific questions and who speaks only in generalities and platitudes, should demand that the President, who has clearly articulated his policies and plans, should stick to the issues.
          Governor Romney’s complaint indicates that the Obama campaign’s message is hitting the mark. From the day he announced his candidacy Romney has been attacking President Obama, and never have I seen a candidate more unfairly and deceitfully misrepresent his opponent.
          The difference between the President’s rhetoric and that of his opponent is the difference between fact and fiction.

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