Saturday, April 28, 2012


How can any thinking persons who are under twenty-six
vote for someone who has vowed their health insurance will be nix?
“The first day I’m in office I’ll repeal the Health Care Act,”
says presidential candidate Mitt Romney. That’s a fact!

 The G.O.P.controlled House voted to extend today
 the lower interest rate on college loans that students pay,
 The problem is they passed the bill with customary stealth,
 by paying for the program out of funds for women's health,
 i.e., preventive care provided in the Health Care Act ---
 another sortie in the War on Women. That's a fact!
 How can younger voters with a sense of right and wrong approve
 of a Party that would pass a bill with such a sneaky move?

Of course, these issues are reflective of the disregard
the G.O.P. has for poor, who would be hit real hard,
as would be, too, the middle class, by their tax policies
that favor the rich one percent and big bucks companies.

There’s just as much at stake in this election, even more,
for younger voters as there was four years ago, for sure.