Sunday, April 15, 2012


Faith is a roller coaster ride for clergy, clerks, or clowns.
The best disciples, old and new, have had their ups and downs.
The psalmists and the prophets had their moments of despair,
and even Jesus, on the cross, had doubts that God was there.

When faith is riding on the ridge, it shows in word and deed,
for mountains move if faith is but a grain of mustard seed.
It's not that we make miracles by willing to believe;
faith's not a work but God's free gift that we by grace receive.

That thought should keep us humble, when we're feeling strong and tall.
The higher up the heights we climb, the farther we can fall!
As autumn leads to winter's snows and nighttime follows day,
faith does not always sail the crest nor on the summit stay,

but sometimes plummets down the steeps with such breathtaking speed,
that roller coaster riders should this warning hear and heed.
Yet when the coaster car is at the bottom of the slope,
the peaks of faith loom large and give new impetus to hope.

Then we recall those moments when our faith in God was sure,
confirmed by truth, sustained by love, we find we can endure
the ups and downs of faith.  Indeed, we now can even say
without the lows there'd be no highs, without the night no day.

The ride is always risky, even scary, you'll agree,
but if we stay inside the car of faith, we're safe.  You see,
the roller coaster Maker is the one who takes the toll.
The car won't ever leave the tracks, if God is in control.

So re the roller coaster ride I'll take my own advice
and hang on tight until the end, no matter what the price.
For when the ride is over and the ups and downs are through,
I hope to be with God ---and all the other riders, too!

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