Thursday, September 8, 2016


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Donald J. Trump
       The Commander-in-Chief  Forum tonight was no contest. Hillary Clinton hit it out of the park. She answered every question thoughtfully, thoroughly, and well.  Most of Donald Trump’s answers roamed all over the place. Secretary Clinton was detailed, specific, and to the point. He was superficial and at times even incoherent. By the time Mr. Trump finished some of his answers one could easily have forgotten what the question was. She was articulate, knowledgeable, thorough. Trump revealed his ignorance, and in his case ignorance is not bliss; it is downright dangerous!
        Most importantly, Hillary Clinton was presidential. Donald Trump was his pompous, boastful, outrageous self. He praised Vladimir Putin and disparaged Barack Obama, saying that the President had reduced our military leaders to rubble. He most inappropriately accused those who had given him and his team the intelligence briefings of revealing their dissatisfaction with President Obama's policies. He showed he had no awareness whatsoever as to how the promotion system in the military works, acting as if he as President could appoint his own generals and admirals! He criticized our military leaders for not confiscating Iraq's oil fields at the end of the war, an action that would have been a serious breach of international law. Those are just a few of his egregious comments.
        Will their respective performances change their favorability polling numbers with the voting public? We'll have to wait a few days to find out. The pro-Trump hard core panelists thought their candidate won the night. Nothing “The Donald” says or does ever dampens their enthusiasm for him, and conversely nothing Hillary Clinton says or does changes their negative opinions of her. I can't help feeling, however, that more undecided voters will be leaning toward Hillary after watching tonight's forum.
        It is interesting that those who know Hillary Clinton best, those who have worked closely with her, are those who like and admire her the most, whereas those who know her least are the ones who say they distrust her. Continuous negative campaigning works, and Republican spokespersons are good at it.
        With Trump, on the other hand, it is the other way around. Many if not most of his severest critics are those who have worked with or for him. Most of his supporters are either ignorant of or unconcerned about all the sordid details and shady deals of his past. Millions of Americans feel that Trump would be an embarrassment to our nation and a danger to the rest of the world. Other nations cannot understand how such a person could seriously be considered as a candidate for the presidency of the United States.
        As I watched Dangerous Donald’s performance tonight, I was wondering how many of the 88 generals and admirals who signed the letter yesterday endorsing him, were regretting their decision to do so after tonight. I know that military personnel are inclined to be conservative, and hence Republican, but how can they of all people believe in a man who is so unprepared, unqualified, and unfit to be the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Services? That concern was eased somewhat when the Clinton campaign responded with an even larger list of generals and admirals who support Hillary!
        How can anyone believe Trump knows anything about governing our nation? Every so-called policy speech he gives, such as the one he delivered to the Union League of Philadelphia earlier in the day, is written by his surrogates. He can’t speak substantively about any issue off the cuff.
        What a sad commentary on the intelligence not to mention the latent if not blatant bigotry, of those flag-waving Americans who scream their approval at Trump’s campaign rallies, that they could support such an arrogant, totally unprincipled, foul-mouthed, unpredictable, dishonest, bullying braggart for President of the United States.
        God help us if he succeeds in his quest!  

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