Saturday, June 4, 2016


June 2, 2016 - Hillary Clinton delivers foreign policy address
       Hillary Clinton knocked it out of the ball park this week with her deft demolishing of Donald Trump’s presidential qualifications, character, and demeanor. In her address on Thursday she masterfully used her Republican opponent’s own words against him, leaving scant room for rebuttal.   
        And to any reasonably objective observer what a contrast she presented between her own intelligent, decisive, rational style and the bombastic, barbarous, bullying braggadocio of the self-proclaimed multi-billionaire.
        While defining Mr. Trump as unqualified and unfit to be President of the United Sates, Secretary Clinton was herself quite presidential in her bearing and in the content of her message. Her remarks were substantive, specific, and well documented. Despite his screaming accusations to the contrary, fact-checkers have verified the accuracy of Hillary’s quotes from his speeches and interviews.  
        Republican commentators along with Trump himself predictably labeled Mrs. Clinton’s address a political campaign speech rather than a foreign policy statement, as it was billed to be. It was clearly both, political in that she was distinguishing herself from her Republican opponent, and foreign policy related because in pointing out the serious adverse consequences of her opponent’s expressed views, she was indicating her own positions on those issues. 
        The Hillary haters faulted her for not referring in her address to what they consider to be her own failings as Secretary of State, but the charge is ridiculous.
She feels no further need to defend herself against the false accusations of her opponents, nor was that ever the purpose of her address. Mrs. Clinton was on the offense and she had every right to be. Her purpose was to distinguish herself clearly and completely from Donald Trump and that she did most effectively.
       Secretary Clinton’s address was by no means a routine or ordinary political speech. It was seminal! It represented a turning point in the current presidential campaign. That is already evident in the way Donald Trump himself responded to her withering denunciation. His arrogant, blustering style was on full display and will continue to be whenever he speaks from now on. Every time he opens his foul mouth he illustrates Mrs. Clinton’s point: Donald Trump is not fit to be President of the United States!

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