Wednesday, May 11, 2016


        Hey, did anyone notice? Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary vote on Tuesday in Nebraska by a sizeable margin over Bernie Sanders.
        Neither candidate won any delegates, as they had already been awarded on the basis of the caucus held on March 5, when Senator Sanders won by double digits.
        But this was an important “moral” and symbolic victory for Secretary Clinton, for it further confirmed not only that she does better than her opponent in primary elections, but that she was actually the more popular candidate in a state her opponent had won!
        Hillary’s win throws a bit of a wet blanket over Bernie’s bragging rights, as it raises the question of how much larger her already substantial vote margin might be if all of the caucus states he won had had primaries instead of caucuses.
        Bernie’s victory in West Virginia yesterday fueled his desire to keep his campaign going full speed, even though his path to victory got even narrower, despite the win. The chances of his winning all the remaining states by the huge margins needed to catch up to his opponent are practically nil. If he wins less than 65% of the vote in any state, he loses ground!
        But Bernie will get the headlines this morning and keep on fueling the false hopes of his supporters. Hillary won Nebraska yesterday, but did anyone notice?
        I bet Bernie did!

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