Tuesday, November 17, 2015


    Twenty-six governors, of whom twenty-five are Republicans, have announced they will not allow any Syrian refugees to enter their states. Shame on them!
    They are afraid that ISIS and other terrorist organizations might infiltrate the thousands of Syrians refugees seeking safe haven in other countries.
    Immigration authorities are well aware of the need for tight security and careful screening of immigrants. I would think there is far more danger from “home grown” recruited terrorists than there is from Syrian immigrants. But the terrorists have won, when out of fear we abandon our American values.
    The governors face a serious legal problem, as the power to determine immigration policy rests with the Federal Government, not with the states.
    In the meantime, the Republican presidential candidates are politicizing the situation. They are using the recent attacks in Paris as one more excuse to attack President Obama and now Hillary Clinton. Why must they play the blame game, instead of working together to deal with what is an incredibly complex and challenge problem?
    They should have listened to and learned from the President’s Monday morning address and press conference at the Summit Conference in Antalya, Turkey, and Secretary of State John Kerry’s press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on November 14, following the foreign ministers conference in Vienna, Austria.
    Regardless of what Messrs. Rubio, Trump, Cruz et ali are saying, the responsibility for our nation’s foreign policy is in good hands.

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