Monday, October 12, 2015


On the eve of the first Democratic presidential debate and after reflecting on the two Republican debates that have been held so far, I should like to offer the following Ten Commandments for those who engage in political discourse, and I shall be watching to see how well the candidates observe them:

 1. Be truthful -    Thou shalt tell no untruths or half-truths.

2. Be honest -       Thou shalt not pretend, but shalt share thine own ideas with conviction.

3. Be humble -     Thou shalt not boast, but thou mayest reference thine own record.

4. Be factual -      Thou shalt be accurate and forthcoming with facts and figures.

5. Be fair -           Thou shalt not misrepresent thy opponent’s point of view.or record.

6. Be clear -         Thy shalt not leave thy hearers wondering what thou didst mean.

7. Be concise -     Thou shalt not be verbose but shalt speak directly to the question.

8. Be relevant -    Thou shalt address issues that impact thy hearers' lives and welfare..

9. Be direct -        Thou shalt not be devious, but thou shalt answer the question asked.

10. Be friendly -   Thou shalt avoid personal attacks, and thou shalt remember to smile.

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