Friday, October 30, 2015


The Associated Press
The New Speaker of the House Congressman Paul Ryan
     Republican Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin was elected Speaker of the House on Thursday morning, October 30, by a comfortable majority. He surely must have been gratified by the enthusiastic reception he received as he entered the packed chamber.
     As he was escorted down the aisle toward the podium, he was greeted warmly by Democrats and Republicans alike, exchanging handshakes and hugs equally with members on both sides. After a very gracious introduction by Minority Leader  Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Ryan delivered a very positive and encouraging acceptance speech, inducing much bipartisan applause. What a refreshing change to hear such a clear statement of how he intends to lead the House of Representatives out of the gridlock that has stymied and stalemated the Congress from passing much-needed legislation dealing with so many important issues.
     No one should be so naive as to think he won't encounter some roadblocks along the way, including some from the extreme right wing of his own Party. But Paul Ryan is a different personality from his immediate predecessor, John Boehner, and he is well liked and highly respected. So let's hope he will be able to fulfill his good intentions.
     If you haven't yet heard his speech, I highly recommend that you click here and take the time to listen.

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