Friday, March 3, 2017


        Here is something you may not have heard about. On Monday, March 6, Princeton University is taking a day off from their regularly scheduled classes to observe a  Day of Action.
        A group of graduate students and post-docs calling themselves Princeton Citizen Scientists obtained more than a thousand signatures to petition the University officials not only to allow the day off but to support and encourage the amazing program that has been planned. More than fifty "teach-ins" led by a host of renowned professors, authorities, and activists and covering a wide range of pressing national and world issues have been scheduled. The day-long program is free and open to all.
        My grandson Seth Olsen, who is a graduate student in physics at the University, is one of the organizers and heads their Outreach Committee. He tells me that a similar day is scheduled at M.I.T, with other universities currently planning to follow suit. I predict that as the word gets around, the idea will catch hold and spread throughout many more if not most of the academic communities across the nation. The time is right for such a movement and judging from the immediate response, it should spread like wildfire.
        I urge my readers to check out the web site, where one can read the group's mission statement and peruse the impressive range of topics that will be addressed on March 6 (click on DAY OF ACTION).
        I am planning to be there on Monday. My one frustration is that there are so many of the teach-ins I'd like to attend, it is going to be very difficult to choose! The good news, however, is that every one of the discussions will be videotaped and available on-line. That will be a prodigious undertaking, but what a resource it will be when it is finally available!
        There are, however, two sessions I am already looking forward eagerly to attending. One will be led by my grandson Seth on Child Welfare Policy, a topic about which he has been passionate for many years. The other will be led my daughter, the Rev. Elsie Armstrong Rhodes, who will share her experience at Standing Rock and discuss the future of that continuing pipe line issue.

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