Sunday, July 24, 2016


        If you have not heard Tony Schwartz being interviewed within the last few days, you have missed a major news story. I cannot imagine why there has not been much more attention paid to it. What he has to say about Donald Trump is really scary.
        Who is Tony Schwartz? He is the man who actually wrote The Art of the Deal, the book Donald Trump is constantly boasting about. Schwartz's name appears on the cover as the co-author with Donald Trump, but you need to hear what he has to tell about that. 
        After remaining silent for thirty years, Schwartz has felt compelled by his conscience to speak out, because he is horrified by the thought of Trump's becoming President of the United States. In the view of Mr. Schwartz, Donald Trump is a "pathologically impulsive and self-centered" sociopath.
        But I'll let you read about it for yourself. My son Andy has sent the following link to all his Facebook friends. Click here to read Jane Mayer's devastating article in "The New Yorker" magazine. 
        That are reports that Mr. Schwartz may be facing a lawsuit from the Trump organization, but he is much less concerned about being sued than he is about the danger of a Donald Trump presidency. After hearing him being interviewed at length on this whole matter, I am convinced that he would have no trouble proving who the real author of  The Art of the Deal is! 

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