Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Image result for hillary in new hampshire today photos       It’s no wonder Hillary Clinton lost the New Hampshire primary, given the way her opponents and the media have treated her.
        With respect to the younger generation, she is confronted by a phenomenon that is predominantly irrational and hence difficult to combat; I call it political fadism. It’s the herd mentality. To young people Bernie Sanders has become a political rock star. He has struck a nerve and is playing it for all its worth. When asked why they like Bernie, they repeat back his campaign diatribes. It is no matter that his promises are unrealistic and lacking in substance. He is saying what they like to hear. It’s no matter that he cannot possibly deliver on his promises and that he has no real plan to pay for them, just the claim that he will make Wall Street and the wealthiest 1% of Americans pay for everything. And, don’t forget his admission there will be a tax increase on the middle class.      
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders        Here’s why I call the Bernie Sanders phenomenon a fad. It’s not “cool” for any young person not to be for Bernie. I admire those young people who have gone against the crowd, who can think for themselves, and who can stand up against the taunts and jeers of their peers. There is no reason that given the similarities of the two Democratic candidates on most major goals, there should be such a one-sided split in their preferences.
        Nor is there any rational reason why young women should prefer Bernie over Hillary. Some young women will, of course.  But why an overwhelming majority, given the incredible record of Hillary Clinton on women’s issues? Gloria Steinem was criticized the other day for saying that girls are just doing what the boys do. What she said was right. There is no logical reason why many if not most women of all ages should not want to vote for Hillary. She, not Bernie, is the one who has championed their rights for years. It's the herd mentality!
        Young women are defiantly declaring that Hillary has no right to expect their vote simply because she is a woman. She would agree! It’s not because she is a woman; it’s because of all she has done for women throughout her professional life. She has earned their support!
        The pundits are correct in praising Bernie Sanders for raising and stressing the issues of income inequality and campaign finance reform. But they are wrong to accuse Hillary of speaking to those issues simply because of Bernie. She rightly was not going to let him claim ownership of her own convictions. And by the way, who is influencing whom now? Bernie is now talking about issues he never mentioned earlier in his campaign. He touched on everything imaginable in his lengthy victory speech in New Hampshire tonight. He sounded like Hillary Clinton, only much more bombastic.
        Now it’s on to South Carolina and Nevada, and Bernie knows he has to make inroads into the black community. So notice how his campaign rhetoric has changed! He has already convinced some blacks to switch their allegiance to him.
         The press and Sanders’ supporters are accusing Hillary of taking the black vote for granted. What an unfair and ridiculous charge! She is smart enough not to take any demographic constituency for granted, but she has a right to count on her black friends to support her. She has every right to hope they will remember how hard and how consistently she and her husband have fought against racial injustice and what a champion she has been for minority rights, and women’s rights, and human rights.
        I will be sad, terribly sad if Hillary doesn’t win the Democratic nomination and go on to win the presidency. I would feel as if our country had missed a golden opportunity to choose a most  capable and amazingly well qualified person, who is highly respected throughout the world. It’s time to break the gender barrier, and she has the right temperament and the capability to be that person. It’s time for a woman in the Oval Office. It’s time for Hillary!    
         I don’t want a revolution. I want genuine reform. I don’t want to tear everything down. I want to build on the accomplishments of the current administration and work on the challenges that are yet to be met. There is a place for an independent rabble rousing socialist in the Senate. Bernie Sanders has served well in that role. It is easy for a politician who is not beholden to any party to attack “the establishment” ---the establishment of which he is part, by the way. But how can he aspire to lead a party he has never belonged to?  Yes, he caucused most frequently with the Democrats, but he hasn’t really walked in their shoes.  There’s no question that Bernie is a smart politician and an effective rabble rouser. 
        But that’s what bothers me. I don’t want a rabble rouser in the White House.

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