Thursday, February 28, 2013


        Life is a gift, a precious gift, that should never be taken for granted. Every birth is a precious celebration and every death a solemn reminder of that truth, but it shouldn’t take these fraternal twins that bracket our mortality to teach us to be grateful for every day, every hour, every minute God gives us to be together with those we love.
        Anniversaries are special occasions for happily married couples to celebrate their life together as husband and wife. On January 31 Margie and I celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary. Of course that was a significant milestone for us, for we both recalled having talked together on our honeymoon about how wonderful it would be if we could live long enough to celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary. It seemed so far away then.
        But here we are sixty-five years later, still going strong, and more in love than ever. How swiftly those years have flown, and what a wonderful life it has been. We’ve always had the feeling we were meant for each other, and if any marriage was ever “made in heaven,” ours certainly was.
        Our marriage has been a continual courtship, throughout which I have been writing love poems and silly rhymes to Margie. Here is one I sent her when she was a senior at Wellesley and I a love-sick senior at Princeton. She married me anyway!
          A doctor, who was Russian, in an ethical discussion,
          once gave me some advice I’ll ne’er forget.
          Said he, “Instead  of  keeping patients in the dark and sleeping,
          let them know just what they are about to get.

          “When you’ve made your diagnosis, tell the patient what the dose is
          that you’re just about to hand her in a spoon.”
          So now, sweet miss, please hearken, for the same applies to sparkin’ ---
          I’ve arranged for there to be a big full moon.

          And with fair and ample warning I shall keep you out till morning,
          while I whisper gentle nothings in your ear.
          For I’ve figured out your trouble; I shall make your doses double,
          and the outcome of my cure you need  not fear.

          I’ve decided what you’re missing is the proper kind of kissing,
          and I’ll dedicate myself unto the task
          of supplying love’s essentials with some duly sworn credentials,
          and provided your permission I might ask.

          In conclusion let me sum up: this prescription I did drum up
          will work, provided you heed my direction.
          So in order to be nice you must follow my advice —
          and remember that it’s for you own protection!


  1. Welcome back! Beautiful, meaningful sentiments.

  2. Just Beautiful!