Thursday, November 15, 2012


        On and on it goes. Mitt Romney tells his big donors he lost because of President Obama’s “gifts” to
the African American community, the Hispanic community, and young people. His comments were in keeping with his infamous remarks about the 47% of Americans whom he accused of  paying no income taxes, expecting  handouts, and not wanting to take responsibility for their own lives. When will he ever learn?
        That on top of Karl Rove’s karlrovean assertion that Barack Obama won the election by "suppressing the vote"! When will he ever learn?
Senator Mitch McConnell
        In responding to an editorial in the Louisville Courier Journal celebrating President Obama’s victory, Senator Mitch McConnell wrote “Kentuckians did not, as the editorial board would lead you to believe, suggest that those of us representing their interests capitulate to the wishes of President Obama and his liberal allies in Washington. The fact is, America voted to maintain divided government.” What Senator McConnell failed to note is that the Democratic candidates actually received over half a million votes more than their Republican opponents, who though they lost some seats, managed to maintain the control of the House because of the gerrymandering that took place in Republican States following the 2010 mid-term election. This month’s election was hardly a mandate for divided government! When will they ever learn?

Ambassador Susan E. Rice
        Now we have Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham accusing U. N. Ambassador Susan Rice of incompetence if not conspiracy and vowing to block her nomination should President Obama want to appoint her to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. In so doing they have typically misrepresented Ambassador Rice’s role in reporting on the Benghazi attacks. She had nothing to do with Benghazi. She was simply reporting on the intelligence information  given her at the time. In response to a question at his news conference yesterday the President praised the Ambassador for her outstanding service to the nation and called the Senators’ charges “outrageous.”  Indeed they were. When will they ever learn?
        A Republican controlled committee of the Ohio State House of Representatives has recommended a bill that would in effect defund planned parenthood in Ohio. The bill re-prioritized funding for family planning services so that Planned Parenthood would be last on the list. Didn’t the Republican legislators in Ohio get the message from the recent election? When will they ever learn?
Representative Ron Paul
        The Tea Partyites are reporting with delight and Representative Ron Paul sees it as a good thing that since the reelection or President Obama, citizens of all fifty States have petitioned the White Houses’s web site We The People to secede from the Union! 25,000 signatures are needed for a petition to be accepted and replied to by the Administration  A number of States have exceeded the required number, with Texas (no surprise there!) leading all the rest. The movement has evoked a potpourri of ridicule, anger, and disgust, along with some pointed humor from those who see it as a welcome opportunity to rid the nation of so many bigoted red necks and racists. Two other petitions have been received from those who want the signers of the secession petitions to be summarily deprived of their citizenship. And Austin, the capital city of Texas, has submitted a petition to withdraw from the State of Texas! The secessionist movement is convincing proof that racism is far from dead in the home of the free and the brave! Those who have signed these petitions have branded themselves as racists!
        When will they ever learn?

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