Thursday, October 11, 2012


        Governor Romney’s boost in the polls following the first debate is an indictment of the intelligence of anyone who switched his or her allegiance to the Republican candidate. Granted President Obama  gave a lackluster performance, and he disappointed his followers by failing to challenge his opponent’s misrepresentations. But he was true to his convictions and his words matched his record. You know where he stands and what he stands for.
        The same cannot not be said for Mitt Romney, who completely reinvented himself,  contradicting his previous positions on issues and saying things that were totally false. If people couldn’t trust him before, how in the world could they trust him after his totally hypocritical performance in that debate?
        He took his etch-a-sketch strategy to a new extreme, proving once again that he will say anything he thinks will help him to get elected, often to the embarrassment even of his surrogates who are continually having to reinterpret their fearless leader’s remarks. “What he meant to say was. . .”

         It is a mystery to me why any politically knowledgeable woman would want to switch her support from Obama to Romney. Women’s rights under a Romney presidency are in just as much danger following the debate as they were before the debate. Medicare as we know it would still end, and the wealthiest one percent would still be getting a huge tax break at the expense of the middle class under the Romney/Ryan tax plan.
        And no matter how Mitt now tries to explain away or excuse his insulting remarks about forty-seven percent of Americans, people know he meant what he said when he thought he was in safe company.
        I have a feeling the boost has hit its peak and the bubble will either burst or slowly deflate following tonight’s vice presidential debate. Joe Biden will not be as easy on Paul Ryan as the President, regrettably, was on Mitt Romney. Biden will forcefully defend the President’s record against his opponent’s false statements and extremist positions, and he will point out the flaws and dangerous implications of the Ryan budget.
        Is there any worry that Mr. Biden might say something inappropriate? Not among the Obama team! They have said “Let Joe be Joe!”
        Which means it should be a lively debate!

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