Monday, May 14, 2012


      A million Wisconsinites have signed a petition to recall their Republican Governor, Scott Walker. It is a grass roots movement to prevent the Walker administration from eliminating the collective bargaining rights of State public 
employee unions. With some of his aides under criminal investigation, the Governor himself engaged two criminal defense attorneys, all of which has heightened the demand for his recall. The recall election will take place on June 5.
      Walker has mounted an aggressive defense, having raised millions of dollars outside the State from his Republican allies, including the Koch brothers. Yet he falsely accuses his opponents of doing the same, even while vastly outspending them. The reality is that the recall movement has been supported largely by the people themselves, whose small donations cannot match the huge contributions of Walker's corporate contributors.
      Walker raised five times more than the four Democratic candidates put together in the recent primary, yet he and his supporters are trying to paint him as the victim. Witness the following excerpts from a recent article in the right-wing on-line publication NEWSMAX:
      "The left-wing labor unions, the screaming hordes of anti-capitalists and every member of Barack Obama's Administration hate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker because he is a true American Patriot who stands for what he believes in.
      And these radicals have assembled the largest and most sophisticated recall campaign in American history in order to exact their revenge on this brave man.
      Governor Scott Walker needs the help of every conservative regardless of where you live! Stand up to Barack Obama and his big government union allies and make an emergency donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford to the Conservative StrikeForce. . . 
      You see, there is no way we can leave Scott Walker on his own to defeat the unions. The left is spending tens of millions of dollars to destroy this man[False! The Wisconsin Democratic Party is appealing to the Democratic National Committee for help they have yet to receive. At the moment they are being outspent 20 to 1 in television advertising!]  That's where the Conservative StrikeForce PAC comes in. We are ready to fight hard in Wisconsin to defeat the greedy unions and keep Scott Walker in office. . . 
      It was just one year ago when Governor Scott Walker proposed revolutionary legislation aimed at reining in public sector unions and saving Wisconsin's economy. . . The state legislature passed his reforms. Unemployment in Wisconsin fell, and the nation took notice. [Early reports showed Wisconsin ranked last among all the States in job creation last year. In an unusual move to counter this statistic, the Governor used information schedule to be released from the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on June 28 to announce today that Wisconsin had gained gained rather than lost jobs in 2011. Even so the figure, which is not yet official, is far less than the Governor's announced goal.] . . .
      The unions and all their leftist allies are trying to destroy Scott Walker by spending millions upon millions of dollars in the nastiest and most dishonest campaign I have ever seen! [False! See above.] 
      Just consider what Scott Walker is facing:
  • A left-wing judge who signed a petition demanding that Walker be recalled and whose wife works for the recall campaign just ruled that Wisconsin's ballot security law [Part of the Republicans' voter suppression efforts!]  cannot be enforced this election! [Good!]
  • Twenty-nine additional judges in Wisconsin have violated their oaths of office and have openly declared their support for Walker's recall. [That 29 judges feel Walker should be recalled does not speak well for the Governor!]
  • And, twenty-five Wisconsin "journalists" have openly come out in favor of Walker's defeat! [Nor does that!] . . . 
      This is how committed the left is to beating Scott Walker. To them, this is a battle for survival and they will do anything – ANYTHING – in order to win. [Wrong! It is Walker who is fighting for survival and is doing anything he can to win!] . . .
       Governor Walker and his allies are being outspent massively by the labor unions and he needs our help. [
That is absolutely false! The amounts raised are public information.] . . .
      The big labor unions are draining the bank accounts of their affiliates from states all across the country and are sending the proceeds directly to Wisconsin to pay for attack ads! [Not true!]

For America,

Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC

This is the kind of propaganda we're getting from the Republican superPACS. I hope discerning readers will not be deceived.

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